Monday, May 20, 2013

My Brag

alright so i really didnt understand what we were supposed to post. I mean are we supposed to post like about us or make a resume?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Best of American Lit

oh man, i have learned so much this year. the main thing i have learned is that i love Dr. P. He is my alltime favorite teacher i have ever had. back to the curriculum portion, ive learned about colonial literature, modern literature, post modern literature... the list goes on and on. my favorite portion of what weve learned is the post modern, most recent part. not only do i undestand the topic, but i enjoy reading the post modern works of literature.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Alright. so i read this story, understood it. but didnt really get the point of it. I mean its post modern because of all kinds of things. Back then girls didnt dress like that, all leather, very dominant, boy like. People didnt have implanted sunglasses on their face, the didnt have devises in their brain that were controlled by someone else. This story is kind of weird, kind of like the tralfalmadorian part of Slaughterhouse 5.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Slaughterhouse

          The Book Slaughterhouse Five is an awesome example of post modernism. Vonnegut has random, reocurring, moments in this novel where he travels through time, so to speak. There are hundreds of examples of the five components of what post modernism stands for. Before I read this book, I hadn't quite fully grasped the concept of post modernism, and what it actually ment. After reading most of this novel, i feel like i hadve a completely new understand and grasp of post modernism, and what it tries to portray.
          Throught this novel, Vonnegut travels through time, in a way, and re-lives his life. He goes from his time in the war, to his daughter all grown up and getting married, to his time he got abducted by Tralfalmadorians and sent to their planet out in space. What is cool about his writing techniques is that he doesnt ever let the reader know, or give them any heads up, of when he goes in and out of this time periods. He just randomly switches and makes the reader think, and come away from the book, with a different persective than the person next to them. That right there is an awesome example of breaking the chronological order rule, or theory. Who says books, and life, has to go in the correct order. Your brain doesnt have to have everything dumbed down for it to recognize and understand what is going on around it.
          Another aspect of post modernism Vonnegut uses in this book is breaking the fourth wall. Which means the writer talks directly to the reader in a time where it is not meant to happen in. Theres a time in the book, when he is talking about something, i dont quite remember, and he randomly says, "It is me, it is I, the writer of this book." Which when you are in the moment, and reading the page, and you randomly get a curveball thrown at you, you dont know what just happened. That moment right there is the reasoning behind Vonnegut writing this book. Not all post modernism made sense, especially in the era which it was created in. That was the point! Authors didnt write these books so they could be thrown on another bookshelf at some random bookstore to be picked up once or twice in its lifespan. NO. They wrote these books to make readers think, fall in love, bring something to the table that has never been done before. THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT IN POST MODERNISM.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Post Modernism Rough Draft with Kyle Stickler

Since Kyle, Roman and i were under the impression that the project Ashlie had assigned was not due til Friday, we hadnt had enough time to make our project amazing. Here is a clip from Fresh Prince of Bel-air. To us, this is a perfect example of post modernism-breaking the fourth wall. We plan on hacking this project and give examples of tv shows that give all 5 components of post modernism.

If we so rich...?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last Hurrah!

i honestly loved the way class went today. i actually felt like Dr. preston gave a damn about us, which he always makes me feel that way. i absolutely am in love with the fact that he is letting us create our own project, and give ourself the timeline and due dates and everything! i loved the idea Amanda gave about the video. that honesly was my favorite topic of the day. I really do think it will be so awesome if we all made a little video or snippet of ourselves, and what people dont see from us on a daily basis. It will prove to all the staff, and our classmates, that we arent just another student in a desk and we are human. We do atually care about something and we put interest and effort into the things we care about most. Just because we dont care about reading, or the quadratic formula doesnt mean we are lousy people and only care about our cell phones and social media sites. I am so excited to get started on this project and see what everyone comes up with in the next couple of days.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ch 3 Reading Notes

Roland and Billy get taken captive
Roland gets his stuff taken away from him by the Germans
He gets these horrible boots to wear
They make his feet into bloody puddles
They get put into a boxcar for several days
His old friend Wild Bob and him see eachother again
Wild Bob dies from pneumonia